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Your school prospectus reflects your school’s achievements, its dedication to your children’s education and professionalism. A school prospectus is not only for information, it’s a statement about what your school stands for in the community. To be truly effective it needs to promote the right message and image to parents to find the best education for their children. Adroit can help make the most convincing case that your school is the natural choice for parents.


Adroit have worked with local schools and are acutely aware that budgets can be very tight, but also realise that certain information must be presented professionally and economically. We are always happy to discuss your requirements in general or in relation to a specific project, and can provide valuable input and information which can help your budget go further and increase the profile of the school. After initial consultations, Adroit will provide visuals free of charge to show a basic theming of possible designs then, we provide a full estimate with a very clear breakdown of all costs.

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